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Children of primary school age have little or no experience of sittings exams in a controlled environment. Succeed’s 11-plus mocks replicate as close as possible the exam conditions your child will be exposed to during the 11-plus process, and highlight the need to work under timed examination conditions. Booking a Succeed 11-plus Mock can help to reduce your child’s nerves in preparation for the big day. Our mocks will challenge your child at the appropriate level so that they can practise and perfect their exam technique.

Succeed’s 11-plus mock exams have been written by professional tutors, writers and academics with an in-depth knowledge of local schools’ admissions procedures and the entrance examinations that your child will sit. Within 4-5 days of each mock you will receive detailed feedback on your child’s performance together with worked solutions for any skipped or incorrect questions. We also send feedback on your child’s creative writing piece.

By booking on our series of 11-plus mock exams you will be able to gauge your child’s performance and improvement over the period of time leading up to the exams.

Succeed’s courses in Maths and English are designed to prepare your child for all levels of 11-plus papers. We focus on ways to increase your child’s confidence, speed and ultimately their marks in the exam.

Our Courses and Mocks


When I embarked on attempting to coach my child for the 11+ it was like a minefield. There are countless books in the shops, tutors on line, I didn’t know what was right for my child. Having booked Succeed’s workshops I can honestly say, without reservations, how much my child has gained. He knows how to tackle questions as well as expectations in preparation of the 11+ exam.  The in depth feedback given at the end of every sessions supports me as a parent in what to work on at home with my child meaning that both me and my son are well supported.  C.V.

I enjoy the succeed classes as I get to work with other children. Succeed has helped me with my maths and taught me how to answer questions in comprehensions. As we are tested this helps me and my tutor look at what I need to work on more’. R.P.

Our daughter has attended succeed’s 11-plus Sunday courses this year. She has enjoyed them and the feedback has been constructive.  The sessions have helped to identify areas she needs to work on more as well as her strengths.
Overall the sessions have made our daughter more aware of what type of questions may come up in the 11 plus tests. N.M.

The mock exam was an essential part of our 11-plus preparation. Having a practice run in a formal setting really helped focus my daughter’s mind on the exams to come and helped demystify the process – a big help with the inevitable exam nerves. She actually enjoyed the mock and the feedback was really useful for our final preparations. The scoring was also a very accurate prediction of how she did in the real thing. My daughter was offered a place at her first-choice school – Dame Alice Owen.  G.Z.

The feedback I received from my daughter’s Maths, English and VR 11-plus mocks was spot on! The feedback on the creative writing was very helpful as my daughter was able to work on the suggestions Succeed made. As as result she was offered a place at her dream school. G. Lemonaris

My son sat 11-plus VR, Maths and English mocks with Succeed. We found the feedback very helpful and my son was definitely more confident going into his 11+ exams. As a result he was offered places at Dame Alice Owen, City of London and Haberdashers. P.Patel

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