How Do I Book a Succeed 11-plus Course or Mock?

  • Choose your 11-plus  Course or Package(s).
  • Complete the Booking Form. Please do this carefully, ensuring that email addresses and contact numbers are correct.
  • You will receive an email with instructions of how to pay for your booking.
  • After your payment is received you will receive confirmation of your booking. Please scroll down for arrangements for the day.

Why should I book with Succeed 11-Plus Mocks?

  • Succeed has an in-depth knowledge of local schools’ admissions procedures and the 11-plus entrance examinations that your child needs to sit.
  • Succeed’s courses in Maths and English help prepare your child for their 11-plus exams. We cover typical material that arises in the exams and teach children how to increase their scores. 
  • Succeed’s mock exam papers are not generic. Each of our papers are expertly prepared to replicate the standard and format required by each individual school’s examining board and to reflect the difficulty of the actual exam papers your child will sit.
  • Succeed’s papers are written in-house by specialist tutors, writers and academics with years of experience of the local selective, grammar and independent schools’ entrance examinations.
  • Succeed provide a detailed Feedback Report within 5-7 days of your child’s mock exam date

What feedback will I receive?


  • After a mock Succeed will send your child’s score for each paper including:
  • percentage score
  • ranking in the cohort for each paper
  • overall combined ranking
  • Highest, lowest and average scores of the cohort
  • Worked solutions for incorrect or skipped questions
  • Feedback on your child’s creative writing piece where applicable
  • A suggested plan for the creative writing piece (where applicable) so that your child can practise at home


  • The children will receive written feedback on their work after each session.
  • At the end of your child’s booked sessions you will receive an email with feedback.

How many mocks should my child sit?

  • Succeed’s mocks are set at sensible intervals throughout the academic year so that you can monitor your child’s progress over a set period of time before the all important real date.
  • Early mocks are recommended so that your child has ample time to work on areas which need strengthening and recognise which revision methods have worked for them.
  • Booking two or more mocks will allow you to gauge your child’s improvement.

Which exams do I need to book?

  • Each of Succeed’s exam dates have fresh mock exam papers and each package’s exams are different too. No child will sit the same paper twice.
  • The mock examination package(s) you book will depend on the school you are considering. Different schools have different exam formats.
  • Succeed’s exams cover the formats for the GL Assessment, CEM and independent schools examinations.
  • Relevant details of which mock exams we recommend you to book are detailed on the Book Now page.

When do we get the results from the mock?

  • Your  results will be sent to you by email within 4-5 days of sitting the papers.
  • Please check that you have given us the correct email address.

Will I get a copy of the mock exam paper(s) my child sat?

  • Succeed do not provide copies of the exam papers. We do provide detailed solutions to any questions that your child has answered incorrectly or skipped altogether.
  • We also provide feedback on your child’s creative writing piece (where applicable)
  • This will be emailed to you with the Feedback Report.

Can I request a remark?

  • Exam papers are destroyed within 14 days of each sitting. If you would like to request a remark please ensure that you do so within 14 days of the exam date. This will incur a charge of £15.00.

What is your Cancellation Policy?


Cancellations are possible up to 7 days before your mock exam date. Please note that a cancellation fee of £15 for each mock exam session cancelled will be deducted from the refund.


Cancellations are possible up to 7 days before your course date. Please note that a cancellation fee of £10 for each course date cancelled will be deducted from the refund.

Can I change amend my booking once I have paid for my booking?

  • You can request to change to an alternative session up to 5 days prior to your mock exam  or course date, subject to availability. An administration charge of £10.00 for each amended date will be payable. If there are no spaces available on alternative sessions then we regret that we can only accept a cancellation if it is at least 7 days before your mock exam  or course date. If there are no alternative sessions available then a cancellation charge will apply. Please see our cancellation policy.

Can I transfer or resell my booking?

  • You may not transfer or resell your booking.
  • Student names can be changed once a booking has been made, however an  administration fee of £10.00 is applicable.

What are the arrangements for my Succeed mock exam day?

  • Arrival – Please ensure your child arrives at the location 20 minutes before the exam start time. This will ensure your child has time to register with us, visit the toilet and familiarise themselves with their environment before the mock commences.
  • Pick up  – Pick up will be within 5 – 10 minutes of the scheduled finished time of the mock exam.
  • Stationery – Please bring a clear pencil case containing 3-4 sharpened pencils and an eraser. No other stationery will be permitted into the exam.
  • If your child carries an auto injector e.g. EpiPen, an asthma pump or any other medication they must bring it with them. Without it, they will not be permitted into the exam.
  • Snacks are permitted for the short break but for health and safety reasons this can only be a piece of fruit. We recommend that your child bring a small bottle of water.
  • There will be a short 10 minute break between the papers. There will be supervised access to the washrooms during this period.
  • Lateness –  We cannot admit any child into the exam hall more than 10 minutes after the scheduled exam start time – There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Parking – There is ample on-site free parking.

Can I accompany my child into the exam hall/classroom?


As Succeed’s exams intend to replicate real exam conditions as closely as possible we do not permit parents beyond the registration point.


You may settle your child into the classroom before a course session.

Are your staff DBS registered and First Aid trained?

  • All our staff are DBS checked. There will be one or more staff member present who is first aid trained.