At Succeed we believe that private tuition with the right tutor has something to offer every student preparing for their 11-plus exams. Even the most able and talented students benefit from tuition to help guide them through the ever-increasing challenges of the papers they will sit.

Succeed’s highly experienced tutors are dedicated to helping your child perform at their best in their 11-plus exams. We know that having the right tutor can make a difference to your child’s chances of success in the exams, so we have carefully selected tutors who we believe are the best ones to support you and  your child on their 11-plus journey. All Succeed’s tutors are specialists in their field and required to be familiar with the relevant schools entrance requirements, so that students receive specialised tuition to help them succeed in a highly competitive academic environment.

Our tutors specialise in common entrance exams at 7-plus, 11-plus, 13-plus and GCSE maths and English tuition.
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