Courses for  Children in year 5 and 6  sitting 11-plus exams in 2019/2020
Sunday Dates: 
Sunday 19th May
Sunday 9th June
Sunday 7th July
Time: 10.00am to 12.30pm
Location: Woodhouse College, Woodhouse Road, London N12 9EY
Fee: £55.00 per session or £160.00 for a block booking of 3 dates
What will the course cover?
1 hour Maths – The maths session will look at the typical questions which arise on 11-plus maths papers. Your child will be given the opportunity to tackle multi-step problems and discuss different ways to approach these problems.
1 hour and 15 mins English –  The English session will focus on answering comprehension questions, writing a good written piece and how to maximise marks on both. We will also build on vocabulary essential for the VR paper of the 11-Plus.
There will be a 15 minute break in between the two sessions where your child can approach the tutors with questions.