Poetry for 11-Plus

The Poetry Trust says: Pupils who read and write poems become skilled in using language carefully, in playing with syntax and structure for the best effect; in weighing each word, attending to the smallest detail… They may gain an understanding of the way words can carry complex and subtle meanings …The language skills they gain […]

11-Plus Preparation – Is it for my child?

11-Plus Preparation – Is it for my child?  The 11 plus journey can seem like a daunting voyage. There is an overwhelming amount of information available in the public domain and deciphering it can seem like a mind- boggling task. As a parent it is important that you take a systematic approach to your child’s […]

Vocabulary Tips for 11-plus Preparation

Vocabulary tips for 11-plus preparation   Building your child’s vocabulary skills is something we advise you to start early in your 11-plus preparations. The verbal reasoning and comprehension papers can be extremely challenging for a 10 year old child but if they have a worked on expanding their vocabulary this will give them confidence to tackle […]

11-Plus Reading List

At Succeed 11-Plus Mocks we believe that children should be encouraged and praised for reading books of their choice. However,  when your child is preparing for their 11-Plus entrance examinations they need to prepare for the sort of language they will face in the comprehension papers. Reading a variety of books will help them with this […]